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Accurate data straight from the local listings. Many other real estate sites display listings that are no longer for sale.

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Why is this real estate search different? is different than typical real estate search solutions. Unlike many popular real estate search sites, our system taps the local listings database and updates every few minutes. This means much more accurate data so you'll never miss an opportunity or waste time looking at homes that are no longer available.

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Your lender will require that you insure your home and part of your closing cost will include Homeowners Insurance. Choosing the right policy is a matter of understanding homeowner insurance basics and comparing quotes before you buy. Become a member of this site and learn how to effectively navigate the insurance maze.

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If you surf the Internet you may see flashy advertisements for super low interest rates, but how reliable or trustworthy are these advertisements or companies? While most lenders stand behind what they advertise, you should still do your homework before committing. Become a member and learn how to get the best rate.

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